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A Republican decree to establish the new city of Mansoura

محافظ الدقهلية

translated by: Heba Heiba    Dr. Mustafa Madbouli, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, announced that President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi issued a Presidential Decree No (378) for the year 2017,about establishing the new Mansoura City under the authority of the new Urban Communities. In a press statement on Wednesday ,Madbouli said that “the decree set out the approval ... أكمل القراءة »

Al Sisi agrees to establish a joint development company between Suez Canal and DP World

عبد الفتاح السيسى

translated by : Heba E Heiba   President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi agreed on Wednesday to establish a joint development company between Suez Canal Authority and Dubai World Ports Group to implement projects in the Suez Canal area. He stressed that the Egyptian government will provide all necessary support to start implementing projects as soon as possible. .   This came ... أكمل القراءة »

Egypt is spreadinEgypt is spreading its teeth to Ethiopia .. And patience limitsg its teeth to Ethiopia .. And patience limits

السيسى والجيش

The Egyptian Time: Mohamed Siraj “Ethiopia should treat Egypt with its treatment of a country that is the largest in the Nile Basin countries, and as a country of the Nile, it does not give it the right to control Egypt’s fateful and important share of water. This is the message he wanted” Sameh Shukri »Minister of Foreign Affairs of ... أكمل القراءة »

Video | The first response from the «Mubarak» to ignore «Sisi» on the mentioned during the October celebrations .. The shocking statement of «Suzanne Mubarak»


Rebounds: Hussein shop Seems to ignore the mention of former President “Hosni Mubarak” continued during the anniversary of the October celebrations, by the president, “Abdel Fattah al-Sisi,” has raised the ire of “Mubarak” and his supporters, which was confirmed by sources close to the former president, and the media, which indicated the cases of grief and anger , felt by ... أكمل القراءة »

Egyptian Foreign Ministry responded to the warnings of the US Embassy to its nationals in Egypt

المتحدث باسم وزارة الخارجية

Rebounds: Mohammad Siraj Zainab Juma The official spokesman for the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ahmed Abu Zeid said, expressing annoyance of precautionary statement issued by the US Embassy in Cairo warned all its citizens today, to avoid large gatherings on Sunday, October 9th next, to the presence of what it considered “potential security threats. He added, “Abu Zeid” through ... أكمل القراءة »

Amr Laithi former Minister of Planning: «estimated to live to 13 pounds, Mr. Minister .. Btaloa CDP tactful»

محمد سراج

Rebounds: Mohammad Siraj   Amr Laithi occur media today via his program “one of the people,” broadcast on the satellite channel of life for the difficulty of the lives of citizens and the suffering endured by the Egyptian citizen of the cost price of the bad situation, which he described, saying: “People are tired, and Ptin, and Jaboppea Fadah, and ... أكمل القراءة »



ARAFFA day He wrote Mohammad Siraj Is the ninth of the month of Dhu al-Hijjah day, and is considered one of the best days when all Muslims as it is one of ten days of Dhul-Hijjah. In it pilgrims stand on Mount Arafat, where to stand in Arafat is the most important pillars of Hajj, is located Mount Arafat east ... أكمل القراءة »

Five pillars of Islam

محمد سراج

Wrote Mohammad Siraj, Zainab Juma  The language of Islam is submission to God Glorified and Exalted, full and docile to his orders, and surrender to God Glorified and Exalted optional desire of the individual and not forcibly, The essence of Islam is voluntary submission to Muslim and therefore be a reward and punishment, and that Islam approach Rabbani fully revealed ... أكمل القراءة »

Religion and human

محمد سراج

Wrote: Mohammad Siraj   Religion, the term given to a set of ideas and beliefs that show, according to its adherents purpose of life, the universe, as usually defined as the belief associated with what’s behind Theology nature, as linked to morality [1], practices and institutions associated with that belief. The broad concept, defined by some as the total of ... أكمل القراءة »

System accelerates social explode

حافظ الشاعر

Poet Hafiz writes from Cairo for: System accelerates social explode O God, I Msr..tdor circles you at the end of every hundred years; Vipheaok in the slave market cheaply; and hollow slogans ..fma happen to you now I did not see throughout the forty-odd years I have lived ..halh frustration and apathy that pervades your children, not your children the ... أكمل القراءة »

First tip to the Attorney General accused the MP, “Mustafa Bakri” treason

مصطفى بكرى

Rebounds: Mohammad Siraj: Download Communication No. 8679 for the year 2016 petitions, the Attorney General, the first formal communication against a member of the House of Representatives, “Mustafa Bakri,” the year of the Vice-Chancellor, “Nabil honest,” against a member of the House of Representatives, on charges of treason and committing the crime of compromising the independence of the country, unity ... أكمل القراءة »

Sisi told about his religion yesterday raises considerable controversy and delete the authorization of the speech is going controversy after the fatwa on


Rebounds: Keep the poet, in his speech yesterday at the celebration of the Ministry of Awqaf Laylat al-Qadr, Sisi released a statement many activists described as extremely dangerous, where Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said that he stayed five years reading and looking to make sure good selection of his religion, Sisi and suffered heavily under attack his opponents, as well as ... أكمل القراءة »

Dr. Mansoura University, made the role of the Internet in spreading terrorism largest Annals of Kuwait University

الدكتور-مجدى-الداغر copy

He wrote the poet Hafez Released by the Annals of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Kuwait this week, the most recent annual Asaddartha about the media and its role in shaping the knowledge, attitudes university youth about the phenomenon of terrorism on the Internet, Dr. Magdy Aldagr professor of journalism and communication technology at Mansoura University, which is the ... أكمل القراءة »

The State Council decision to cancel the reservation to player funds Egypt and former club Al Ahli Mohammed Abu Trika


Rebounds: Ahmed Samir: After the decision of the inventory brothers funds reservation on a player Egypt funds and former club Al Ahli Mohammed Abu Trika, a player beloved by all fans of the ball in Egypt and the Arab world to challenge the decision of the reservation to the brothers funds before the administrative court first circle of the State ... أكمل القراءة »

At its meeting today: The Egyptian government pledges to provide documents to appeal to prove ownership of Tiran and Sanafir to Saudi Arabia !!


Rebounds: Keep the poet, said on Wednesday the Egyptian Council of Ministers at its meeting chaired by Sherif Ismail, Prime Minister, that it does not comment on court rulings, and that he had submitted an appeal on the ruling of the Administrative Court invalidating the demarcation of the maritime border agreement between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, through the State Litigation ... أكمل القراءة »

Bakri Commenting on the invalidity of the assignment of Tiran and Sanafir: President of the Republic represents the state in foreign relations and conclude treaties and ratified after approval by the House of Representatives, how contrary to the administrative court. “

مصطفى بكرى

Rebounds: Mohammad Siraj: in a commentary shocking of MP Mustafa Bakri, who is reportedly fighter and defend the rights of the poor and workers, and on the soil of this country, and especially as it belongs to Upper Egypt, where chivalry and manhood, and fly necks for a single inch of land on the grounds that they display, Bakri said ... أكمل القراءة »

Mubarak, secretary surprise blow for the rule of Tiran and Sanafir today confirms “Saudi Arabia can bring an action to the United Nations


Rebounds: Omar Fiki: Administrative Court ruled today, headed by Judge Yahya Dakroury, Egypt’s sovereignty on the islands of Tiran and Sanafir, and the invalidity of the decision of the demarcation of the maritime border between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, considered the two islands belonging territorial waters Arabia. In the first comment sudden and shocking to Dr. Mustafa Feki secretary of ... أكمل القراءة »

A heinous crime: stripping a woman of her clothes in front of her husband and sons and assault under the auspices of Secretary on behalf of the

اغتصاب جماعى

Rebounds: Alaa pleasure: MP Mona Munir made an urgent statement today to the Prime Minister and Interior Minister, on a new scandal has in the absence of the government and the interior, where a group of thugs Bmnaa wheat eastern province of stripping a woman of her clothes to become naked and beaten her husband paralyzed and hit her children. ... أكمل القراءة »

Security strips student from her completely under the pretext of inspection and abusing them and requesting intervention in a coma from the horror of the situation


Rebounds: Keep the poet: for the third time during the days of the Egyptian woman of her clothes stripped, the first time was a lady Minya Coptic mother who lived relationship with a Muslim, and the second time was yesterday when the thugs stripped a lady in Minya wheat from her clothes and infringed upon in front of the injured ... أكمل القراءة »

The cries of human rights activists and activists of the “solitary confinement” punish detainees


Rebounds: Keep the poet: launched dozens of activists and pioneers of social networking sites Hachtaj “No to solitary confinement”, and put their pictures behind bars, in solidarity with the large number of detainees in solitary confinement and in protest against the punishment of detainees solitary confinement and expose internal violations against them. Said political activist Sally Thomas, he did not ... أكمل القراءة »